Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas...etc.

Wow people, Christmas is in 8, holy cow, 8 days! I can't believe it. I really can't. Here I was, thinking I have the whole wonderful month of December left and then wham! I am looking at the calendar and it is the 17th! I am just blown away.
So my sweet momma and her hubby Glenn are treating all the kids to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Basically, we get presents everyday and it rocks. I feel extremely spoiled, to say the least. Yesterday, which was the fourth day of Christmas, we got Milano Cookies. Mmm. I can't wait to see what we get today!Also, here are some pictures of the decorations I have up around the house and our cute Christmas tree with borrowed ornaments from Brad's mom.And last, but best, here are some pictures of our sweet puppy Molly! She is our adorable new baby and I love her so much already. She is the sweetest puppy. We have had her for two weeks now!With only 8 days left til Christmas, we have a lot of shopping to do! Luckily, I am done with my finals and should have plenty of time to get everything done for the holidays! I love Christmas!
Merrily yours,

P.S. Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures. They were taken on my phone since my camera is MIA.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December First!!

Yay! December is here! I love December so much! To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season, here are some neat things I have found on Pinterest to celebrate the holidays. Enjoy!Yummy swirly Christmas cookies.

Beautiful snow.

Put cookies in a Pringles can for a gift! Genius!

Love this wrapping idea.

Adorable felt flowers! I need to learn how to do this.

I love the movie Elf. :)

Chocolate Candy Cane cookies. Delish!

Spray paint through lace onto ornaments! Gorgeous!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Talk Twilight

Who has seen Breaking Dawn (Part 1) in the last couple of weeks? I have to admit, I have. I didn't go at midnight. I actually waited about a week I think before I went. And don't get me wrong, it's not because I wasn't excited. Because I was. But I think I have a right to be excited. I read Twilight when I was fifteen and it was the only book in the series. At that age, I thought Edward was wonderful. Now I'm a little older, I have the ability to acknowledge that maybe the Twilight books aren't as amazing as I thought and I am able to make fun of them while still liking them. I also don't usually admit I like them, just because I fear of being put into that "Oh, she likes Twilight" (in a snide voice) category. But I do like Twilight; I'm still a little attached to that teenage part of me that loved those books. And I still sort of fan-girl about Twilight stuff. Forgive me.
On to Breaking Dawn the Movie.
Um, am I the only one who thought Bella was the nastiest pregnant mom ever?! I thought pregnancy was supposed to give you that special glow. I know that she was pregnant with a monster baby instead of a normal one, but still. She looked gosh-freaking-awful. I was embarrassed for her.
Can I just say I am so glad that during the wolf scene (yes, that one) at least their mouths didn't move? Cause that would have taken the lameness up like a million levels. I wanted to *facepalm* at this part in the movie, but I admit they did a pretty OK job with a scene that was probably difficult to make.
I do want to point out how gorgeous the wedding was. It was lovely and Bella's dress was insane. The beginning of the movie was well done, I think, and really did the book justice. But Kristen Stewart, did you really have to look like they were torturing you the entire time??
I also remember how much I love Alice every time I watch these movies. She's my fave, hands down. I love her stubbornness, her lively spirit, and the fact that she's just freaking adorable and at the same time could rip someone to shreds.
Also, Jessica's comments at the wedding were freaking hilarious. In the book, she's horrid and I just want to tear her face off, but in the movies, she's pretty darn funny.
Overall, I think they did a great job keeping true to the book. Almost everything I didn't like about the movie is the same as what I didn't like about the book, so I blame Stephenie Meyer and not the movies. I enjoyed most of the movie, minus the part where Bella drinks blood from a random styrofoam cup. Ew.
I am looking forward to Part 2. I liked the last half of the book better, where Bella isn't a pregnant zombie, and where most of the action (what little action there is) happens. I am excited to see all the new characters that get introduced when the vampires from around the world gather at the Cullens. The new characters are my favorite part of the book. I hope Part 2 is what I imagine it will be!
Twi-fanningly Yours,

P.S. The trailer for The Hunger Games was my favorite part of this whole experience. So excited for that movie!!!

November's End

I am so excited that December is almost here. Aside from the crappy weather, I love the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas holiday season. Definitely awesome.
First of all, (I can't help but slip this in) this is my first post from my new MacBook Air!!! Please note the extra exclamation points that show how excited I am about this fact. My lovely, lovely MacBook is now two days old. On Monday night Brad completely surprised me by telling me he was buying me a new computer, after watching me struggle with my old HP the other night trying to do a programming assignment. Needless to say, I freaked out and could not stop smiling at the Apple Store (at which point Brad would just look at me and laugh like, "Oh wow... She's nuts."). Alright, I will shut up about my new computer now. It's just so awesome. Shutting up now.
Thanksgiving was really a wonderful holiday. We went up to Wyoming with Brad's parents to spend the weekend with his grandparents. It was the smallest Thanksgiving of my life (we all fit around one table!), but the peace and calm was amazing for my more-than-slightly stressed out self. We ate tons of yummy food, played I think five games of Monopoly (no, of course I didn't win), and I got some good reading done for school. I want to keep it simple, but just want to say that I am so thankful for all my family and friends and loved ones, for my wonderful husband, for everything that we are so blessed to have, and for a great holiday that I spend completely disconnected from the internet and stress of everyday life. It was extremely cathartic.
Also, sadly, there will be no Books: November Edition Part Two. This month I had to read two novels for my mythology class along with all the normal reading, so I didn't really have time this last part of November to really get into a new novel. I have started a book for December, and will probably have more than two for that month seeing as how I get a nice two-or-three (not quite sure..) week break after the semester ends.
I am so thrilled that it's almost Christmas! Hopefully I will have lots of holiday posts coming along. :)
Thankfully Yours,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey Y'all

It's Tuesday... which means there are still four more days til the weekend. Does anyone else feel like they are living for the weekend? I feel like that a lot.. Ha ha. So to brighten my mood and hopefully yours if you are reading this, here is some funny/awesome/random stuff I found on Pinterest. :) Enjoy!Love Alan Rickman... Love that he said this.

I totally hate those commercials. So true!

Ha ha! I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine! I got a love and I know that it's all mine WHOA! Whaohhh!

Star Wars Nesting Dolls... Lol I'm a geek.

I can't stand stupid people... Sorry.

So sweet. :)

Yeah, I need this warning sign pinned to my head..

This is just cool.

Cheerfully Yours,
P.S. I still can't stop thinking about Crossed by Ally Condie. If you haven't read it yet, repent now and read it asap.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Books: November Edition (Part One)

Even though we are not even halfway through November, I just can't wait to write about the last couple of books I read! Somehow in the past week I managed to fly through two books. I am not quite sure how that happened with homework and everything, but I am not going to try too hard to figure that one out. Ha ha.The first book I read was Destined, #9 in the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Before I continue, I just have to say that these books are just for fun. If you are looking for deep, literary "genius" writing, these are not the books for you. But if you just want a good story, funny sarcasm, and unique characters, then this is a good one. These books are about Vampyres and have a lot of Cherokee myth woven through them as well, which is one thing I love about them. Zoe is our main girl, and she's kinda funny yet kinda annoying. She has had a billion (OK, like 4 or 5) boyfriends, but finally in this book she has whittled that number down to one (however, I'm not sure how long that will last either). Basically, Zoe and her circle of friends each have an affinity with a certain element (earth, air, water, fire, spirit). They must stop the evil priestess Neferet from bringing darkness into their House of Night. I can't say too much, since this is #9 after all (which, by the way, this series is way drawn out, but I keep reading them anyways!). Overall, I would probably give this book three out of five stars. It's a good, easy read and very entertaining.And finally, finally after waiting a freaking year for this book to come out, Crossed by Ally Condie went on sale. I cannot explain my excitement and I certainly couldn't contain it. Matched, the first book, is one of my all time favorites and I previously raved about it in a much earlier post. I reread Matched (loved it, again) and was again just in awe over how wonderful the author lets this story take shape. I adore her writing, the way her characters interact, and everything about how her words flow and stick in your brain. Crossed just gets even-freaking-better. This book is told in Cassia's point of view as well as Ky's. Can I just say how much I love reading Ky's point of view? He is one of the best male main characters I have ever read, ever. I really liked seeing his world through his point of view and being able to understand so many more things because of how he sees them.
In this book, Cassia is bound and determined to get to the Outer Provinces (Oh yeah, *spoiler* alert. Skip this paragraph if you haven't read the first book!) to find Ky, who was taken from his home in Oria Province. Cassia finds a way to escape, as does Ky, and they begin the journey to find one another. Cassia is also trying to find The Rising, an organized rebellion against The Society. In this book, we meet a lot of new characters and learn a lot more about The Society. Ally Condie works her magic again and brings poems and lyrics to life, weaving them through her story effortlessly. Her books are just plain music to read. I love this book, even though there were times that I got so angry I had to put it down, take a deep breath, and remember that it was a story. It feels that real. Last night, when I finished reading it, I wanted to cry because it ended and I have to wait again for the third one.
I would give this book five out of five stars. I seriously, absolutely, fully love this book. The love story is beautiful and the adventure kept my heart racing the entire time. People, please go read this book? Awesome. You can thank me later. :)
Your-Welcoming-ly Yours,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Books: October Edition

Whew, October has been a busy month! I feel like it passed much faster than normal, just flying by! And I will admit, I didn't get a whole lot done. I seriously need to look into a time management class... or if I could just borrow Hermione's time turner? Yeah, that would be great.
So I only managed to make it through the first book of The Secret Circle, which technically is two books in one! I didn't get to the next book, or have time for The Vampire Diaries. I am pretty sad, let me tell you. But I will read them! Anyhow, here is my review for The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive (Part 1).
First of all, I really like this book. It's awesome. It was written in the 90's, so I totally got all of the aged references and they made me smile. This book is about a girl named Cassie, who is forced to move to New Salem with her mother to take care of her aging grandmother. She starts school, noticing that a certain group called 'The Club' seems to rule the school. It turns out they are witches, and she tries to find her place in their circle. There is definitely some romance and drama with the hot guy Adam, which makes for a really interesting story.
Sadly, the main character, Cassie, is kind of a pushover and I found it difficult to relate to her. One minute, I thought she was finally going to stand up for herself, but she just failed all of my expectations! Most of the time I was extremely annoyed and wanted to slap some sense into her. I am hoping in the next book that she becomes a stronger character.
Overall, I would give this book four out of five stars. I think the plot is interesting (again, I'm hoping it goes more in depth in the next one) and the variety of characters keeps it from being blah. If you watch the show on the CW, just know that the book is certainly its own story and very unique. I would for sure recommend it!
Witchingly yours,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bunch of Random-As-Can-Be Thoughts

Yeah, you need to know how random I am. Ha ha. So here are some pretty random things I am thinking about right now.
1-- Zumba rocks. It also kicks my butt. Hard. Wow am I sore today!
2-- I love love LOVE Jamba Juice oatmeal. I can't describe to you the deliciousness. Also, it's good for you.
3-- Listening to Pandora makes my morning even more awesome than normal. Kate Voegele, Taylor Swift, and Christina Perri for example.
4-- The series ending to Life Unexpected still boggles my mind. WTH! (what-the-heck, in case you were wondering)
5-- Fridays just pretty much rock, even though I have to wake up early for school, I still appreciate that the weekend has almost arrived.
6-- Almost finished with the first book of The Secret Circle and loving it! Lots of references from the 90's that make me smile.
7-- I am dismally behind on all of my TV shows, but next week is Fall Break, so I know what I will be doing!
8-- I feel like there should definitely be a number eight on this list, I'm just not so sure what it should be. Hmm.
9-- Today is perfect fall weather and I just love the blue color of the sky with the sun shining in my eyes.
Yep, those are my thoughts this morning.
Scatteredly yours,
P.S. I just invented that word. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Books: September Edition

Alright friends, September is almost over (wow, can you believe it!?) and I previously made a goal to read at least two books a month while I am in school. I want to read more (I am constantly thinking stuff like, "Wow, wish I could be reading instead of doing this Health homework!" or something similar), but alas, school is challenging and my time is already spread out too thin.
I actually managed to meet my goal! :) And that makes me happy. So here is a summery and my opinion of both books I read.
First, I read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Now, don't immediately think, "Oh, it's about a historian? BORING!" because this book is the opposite of boring. Let me tell you. In this book, a young girl discovers a dark secret about her father and ends up journeying all over Europe to find the truth about her family:that their past is linked to that of Vlad the Impaler's, otherwise known as Dracula. Pretty much that is all I can say about this book for fear of ruining any part of it. I would definitely give this book 4 stars (out of 5). The author is an amazing writer and the storyline is insanely intricate and astonishing. It was a tad long, and in some parts long-winded, but on the whole, this book was awesome.Second, I read Passion by Lauren Kate. This is the third book in a series (the first book is Fallen and the second is Torment) about fallen angels and the battle between heaven and hell. I wont say much, so I don't spoil the first two books for you. The main character, Luce, has been dying over and over again and being reborn because her love for Daniel, a fallen angel, kills her in every life. She doesn't know why this happens. In this book, she starts to figure out the reasons behind everything happening in her life, as well as the truth about her and Daniel. Luce wants to stop the curse that keeps them from being together. Honestly, I would probably give this book about 2.8 stars (I know my sister will yell at me for this), not because it's a bad book, but because I think it's slightly juvenile. This book is written for teens, but in my opinion, it's written for very young teens. The storyline is interesting (which is why I keep reading the series), but the writing is simplistic, sometimes boring, and the author seems to skim over numerous events where she could have really gone into some detail and depth. If you are looking for a fun, "chick-flick-y" kind of book to read, this is a good one, but that's pretty much all it is. (After reading some of the reviews on, I'm a little frightened of being attacked by a bunch of fans of these books now... ha ha.)
Honestly yours,

P.S. For October I am reading the Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries again, ya know, to fit in with the Halloween theme. I'm excited! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Wanted to Name Her Persephone...

But Brad says Kitty is a better name... Wondering what I'm talking about? Alright, you win. I will tell you. :)
So the last few nights we have heard a little cat meowing (quite forcefully) outside of our window. She doesn't have a collar and is probably a run away or a stray, but she is super friendly and so sweet! So the other morning I gave her some milk. I know, I know. Don't feed a cat, cause they always come back, yadda yadda yadda.
Yesterday she was waiting right outside the door for me when I left for school. She let out a freakin' loud, "Meow!" and scared the holy crap out of me! I could hear Brad laughing at me as I tried to calm my heart beat and poured her a little more milk.
Last night I came home to find that Brad (cat-hater that he 'claims' to be) had bought a little bag of Meow Mix for Kitty. This made me smile. He's such a softie (I mean, he's so tough! You would not believe how tough...). And sure as can be, pretty soon we hear Kitty calling for us at the door.
Now she's pretty comfortable just waltzing into our little apartment, eating some food, and drooling (Yes, drooling!) on us while we pet her. She's pretty much a sweetheart.
So technically, she's not our cat. But I kind of like to think she sort of is.
Meowingly yours,

Friday, September 16, 2011

God Gave Me You

I’ve been a walking heartache
I’ve made a mess of me
The person that I’ve been lately
Ain’t who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me
And watch as the storm blows through
And I need you

Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you
Gave me you

There’s more here than what we’re seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You’ll always be love’s great martyr
And I’ll be the flattered fool
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo

Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you, gave me you.
He gave me you.

Brad posted this for me on Facebook a few days ago. It basically made my day and brought a huge smile to my face. I love when he does sweet, random things. It's almost insane how happy he makes me. So I thought I would put the lyrics up to share with you all. It's such a sweet song by Blake Shelton.
So-in-lovingly yours,

Some Sweet Snapshots

I wont say much (they say pictures are worth a thousand words), so here are some of my favorite wedding pictures of me and Brad.

New Addiction

So, the word 'addiction' usually applies a negative need for something right? But when I say it here, I mean it in a good way! To me, it's something I like (possibly in an obsessive love kinda way). And sure, maybe I get a little sidetracked or distracted by it... but is that really a bad thing? I think not...
Anyhow, my new addiction is a little thing called Pinterest. My sister-in-law Amber sent me an invite and suddenly I was pinning like crazy! I can't really describe how much fun it is, because in words it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you ever have some extra time on your hands, check it out. You can follow me and see everything I pin.
Addictively yours,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faves: Seasons Edition

I am sure I have mentioned this before. Positive, actually. But I am going to write about it again. I can't help but love Fall. It, seriously, is the best season ever. Don't get me wrong, I love the other seasons, too. But to me, Fall is just perfectly lovely. There is nothing about it that I dislike. I love the colors of the leaves and mountains, the way the breeze just floats around pleasantly, the deep azure color of the sky. It is the perfect time of year. I love summer, and spring, and occasionally winter, but Fall is my fave. What's yours?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here Are Some Random Thoughts

You know how you read something, and you totally agree with what the author is saying? Or it's the other way around and you think they're crazy? I think that is the beauty of blogging. I love being able to write whatever I want, whether people actually read it or not (the signs point to not), and knowing that some of my readers are nodding their heads in agreement and the others want to check me into the loony bin. That is OK with me.
I read blogs more than I write on mine, a true but sad fact. But here is another true fact: I love writing on my blog. Obviously, hardly anyone reads it. I have heard people saying that they have a life, why would they need a blog? But to me, blogging is different. I like having a place (outside my journal) to record my completely random thoughts, things I like, etc. I know that no one reads it, but that is kind of the point. I am not writing this to be read and get a million comments (although that would be nice and I would love that, too); I am writing it for me. I like it. And that is all.
That being said (as I step down from my little soap box), I cannot believe summer is pretty much over! Time is always passing more quickly than I think it should. I mean, I have been married for two months now and that is just plain shocking to me! Summer is over and it is back to school... *sigh*.
I cannot honestly tell you whether I am excited for or seriously dreading school. Probably somewhere right in between. I am having a very big problem deciding on a major. A big, big problem. I am not very good with decisions. At all. And the fact that there are so many things I like and could see myself doing... How am I supposed to decide what I want with all those choices? But alas, I have approximately four (or less) months to decide. That is a daunting thought. Wish me luck.
I am trying out some computer classes this semester. If I like that general area (and am good at it), I might try something like that. I am particularly excited for my digital media class. I think that could be fun. We'll see how it goes.
One thing I like about school is that I see it as another chance at a new beginning. I know we have New Year's Eve for that, but starting a new school year has always seemed like a better place for goals and resolutions. So I am going to make a few.
* I want to keep up my good grades, but not be a hermit. Is this possible? I do not know, but I want to try. I want time to spend with Brad, and my family, and my friends.
* I don't want to give up my books! I love reading. I can't stand not being able to pick up a good book, curl up, and read it. School takes up a lot of my time, but I definitely need my reading time. So I am going to make a goal to read at least two books a month during school. Hopefully I can read more than that!
* I want to be able to blog more. I am not going to plan it, I'm just going to blog when I feel like something needs to be said.
Alright, I think I have been random enough for one night. If anyone is reading this, leave me a comment!
Randomly yours,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Is Well...

Alright, so I know it's been almost a month, but can we talk about Harry Potter for just a minute? K, thanks. I acknowledge my geekiness almost daily, but when it comes to Harry Potter, I kind of morph into a mega-geek. I just happen to LOVE everything about the world of Harry Potter.
I have practically grown up with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the entire cast of characters. I was about nine when I read The Sorcerer's Stone, and let me just say how terrified I was of the unicorn killing creature (AKA Professor Quirrell/ Voldemort) in the Forbidden Forest! But I fell completely in love with JK's wizarding world, with Hogwarts, and everything to do with her books. I literally grew up with these books!
Not only are these books about good conquering evil, love winning out above all, and the power of your imagination, they are also about friendship. Harry, Ron, and Hermione taught us all about friendship, even when we are completely frustrated at our best friends or insanely jealous of them. They stayed together through it all, and that is what true friendship is all about.
The final movie was, in a word, amazing. Being able to see everything in the books happen on the big screen is awesome. I could go on and on about every specific part I loved, but that could take ages! And OK... I might have cried a little. Or a lot. I am so attached to those characters that I just couldn't help it. I am sad that it is all over, but happy that we now have it all forever and that so many people love Harry Potter just like I do. It is not an ending, but a beginning.
Thanks, JK Rowling, for writing such an amazing, incredible story and for sharing it, and your beloved characters, with us all.
Truly Yours,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Honeymoon in NYC

I admit, I am not the best photographer... In fact, I'm not very good at all and I often forget to photograph things I think are cool. But I did manage to get these pictures while in New York, so here are the best ones I took. I have to say, New York was a blast. We had so much fun. We saw Wicked, Lion King, and Spider-man. We walked around Central Park. We went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, walked all over Times Square, and went to the Discovery Channel Exhibits at Times Square, one of which was the Harry Potter Exhibition and was so awesome (Yes, I am crazy about Harry Potter). We ate pizza every day, because it was delicious. And most of all, we spent every minute together and had the time of our lives. :)

View out our window... Awesome? Yes.
Coolest billboard there... I embrace my geek-ness.
Times Square was awesome! And crowded. Hee hee... Brad and the Hulk at the Disney Store. Disney Store!!! I love this quote.

Alright Gossip Girl fans, who recognizes this hotel?? I do!
We walked down Madison Avenue and it was so fun! So many expensive stores on this street, like Coach and Dolce & Gabbana.
Times Square at night. I love all the bright lights.
Lion King! We saw this show while we were there and it was so amazing. The music and characters and puppets seriously put me in awe.
Caught Brad in the princess section at the Disney Store. :)

Disney Store!
I have no idea what this musical is about, but I thought this was such a cool picture.
Wicked!!! We saw this show and I was once again reminded how much I love everything about it. Best show ever, hands down. Brad even agreed.
Isn't this neat? This was right above Toys R Us.

Cops on horses in Times Square, which I thought was pretty funny.
More musical billboards. I wish I could see them all!
I love New York!
Fanatically Yours,