Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Show

Does anyone else watch this show?

If not, you definitely should. Drop Dead Diva is the cutest, most charming show ever. I have been catching up on it the last few days, and seriously, I laugh my butt off during every episode. The main premise of the show is that the main character, formerly a wanna-be-model named Deb gets in a car crash and dies. She refuses to go to Heaven, hits the resend button, and gets sent back in someone else's body! This someone else is Jane, a curvier, donut-loving lawyer who happens to work with Deb's former fiance Grayson. The cast of characters in this show is wonderful. Deb's BFF Stacey, who Jane confesses the truth to, is a funny, blond model that you just have to love. Kim, Jane's coworker, is that bitchy, snarky girl you want to hate but end up loving.

Seriously, this show is the bomb. The first three seasons are available on Netflix and new episodes are on Lifetime Sunday nights! Watch this show!


One Year Anniversary

Hey y'all! So last Friday (the 22nd) happened to be a very important day for me and my husband Brad. One year ago was our wedding day! And we also got married on my birthday, so Friday was a doubly wonderful day! I turned 22, making it my "Golden Birthday" as my friend Nikki calls it. And golden it was.

Brad and I got to sleep in (love!) and then we went out to lunch at The Olive Garden, which is one of our favorites. Afterwards I had to go in to work, but my coworkers had decorated my desk super cute with balloons and signs. They gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble (hooray!) and a gift card to Beany's, the local coffee hut that I kind of adore. A lot.

Then for the weekend, Brad and I got to go with his BFF Colton to his property in Fairview for a four-wheeling adventure. We had a blast. And I got so sunburned. Never again am I going to forget sunscreen. Ever. But the weekend was definitely fun.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since Brad and I got married. I mean, on one hand it feels like it's been forever, while on the other it feels like just yesterday! Time is a weird, weird thing that I just don't understand. However, in this last year, I have learned so much about Brad, our relationship, and myself. Marrying Brad was the best decision I ever made and I just have to say how grateful I am for him. He makes my life a million times brighter, more colorful, and more vibrant. I love him.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Season Finale

I have probably mentioned before my undying, fan-girlish love for The Vampire Diaries. If I haven't, shame on me. Cause I love this show. I know, I know. Vampires are sooo overdone and they are sooo popular right now. But sorry, Inner Hipster, I still adore this show.

Since school got out, I have been dying to get caught up, because I was really behind. Finally this weekend I caught up on season three. And ohmyfreakingoodness the season finale had me dying! Evil Vampire Alaric running rampant, Jeremy and Matt trying to save Elena (again), Caroline and Tyler's futures on the line, Elena finally having to choose between Stefan and Damon! Oh those brothers make my heart swoon. They both love Elena in different ways and I am not gonna lie, I love them both. Even though Stefan is the classic, wonderful boyfriend, I was silently rooting for Damon, the bad-boy who does good because he loves Elena.

Now I'm in the mood to read the books again (which are pretty different from the show, but that's okay because I like them anyways). I might put them on my summer reading list while I wait impatiently for the fall and the return of The Vampire Diaries.