Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Wanted to Name Her Persephone...

But Brad says Kitty is a better name... Wondering what I'm talking about? Alright, you win. I will tell you. :)
So the last few nights we have heard a little cat meowing (quite forcefully) outside of our window. She doesn't have a collar and is probably a run away or a stray, but she is super friendly and so sweet! So the other morning I gave her some milk. I know, I know. Don't feed a cat, cause they always come back, yadda yadda yadda.
Yesterday she was waiting right outside the door for me when I left for school. She let out a freakin' loud, "Meow!" and scared the holy crap out of me! I could hear Brad laughing at me as I tried to calm my heart beat and poured her a little more milk.
Last night I came home to find that Brad (cat-hater that he 'claims' to be) had bought a little bag of Meow Mix for Kitty. This made me smile. He's such a softie (I mean, he's so tough! You would not believe how tough...). And sure as can be, pretty soon we hear Kitty calling for us at the door.
Now she's pretty comfortable just waltzing into our little apartment, eating some food, and drooling (Yes, drooling!) on us while we pet her. She's pretty much a sweetheart.
So technically, she's not our cat. But I kind of like to think she sort of is.
Meowingly yours,

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