Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November's End

I am so excited that December is almost here. Aside from the crappy weather, I love the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas holiday season. Definitely awesome.
First of all, (I can't help but slip this in) this is my first post from my new MacBook Air!!! Please note the extra exclamation points that show how excited I am about this fact. My lovely, lovely MacBook is now two days old. On Monday night Brad completely surprised me by telling me he was buying me a new computer, after watching me struggle with my old HP the other night trying to do a programming assignment. Needless to say, I freaked out and could not stop smiling at the Apple Store (at which point Brad would just look at me and laugh like, "Oh wow... She's nuts."). Alright, I will shut up about my new computer now. It's just so awesome. Shutting up now.
Thanksgiving was really a wonderful holiday. We went up to Wyoming with Brad's parents to spend the weekend with his grandparents. It was the smallest Thanksgiving of my life (we all fit around one table!), but the peace and calm was amazing for my more-than-slightly stressed out self. We ate tons of yummy food, played I think five games of Monopoly (no, of course I didn't win), and I got some good reading done for school. I want to keep it simple, but just want to say that I am so thankful for all my family and friends and loved ones, for my wonderful husband, for everything that we are so blessed to have, and for a great holiday that I spend completely disconnected from the internet and stress of everyday life. It was extremely cathartic.
Also, sadly, there will be no Books: November Edition Part Two. This month I had to read two novels for my mythology class along with all the normal reading, so I didn't really have time this last part of November to really get into a new novel. I have started a book for December, and will probably have more than two for that month seeing as how I get a nice two-or-three (not quite sure..) week break after the semester ends.
I am so thrilled that it's almost Christmas! Hopefully I will have lots of holiday posts coming along. :)
Thankfully Yours,

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