Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Is Well...

Alright, so I know it's been almost a month, but can we talk about Harry Potter for just a minute? K, thanks. I acknowledge my geekiness almost daily, but when it comes to Harry Potter, I kind of morph into a mega-geek. I just happen to LOVE everything about the world of Harry Potter.
I have practically grown up with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the entire cast of characters. I was about nine when I read The Sorcerer's Stone, and let me just say how terrified I was of the unicorn killing creature (AKA Professor Quirrell/ Voldemort) in the Forbidden Forest! But I fell completely in love with JK's wizarding world, with Hogwarts, and everything to do with her books. I literally grew up with these books!
Not only are these books about good conquering evil, love winning out above all, and the power of your imagination, they are also about friendship. Harry, Ron, and Hermione taught us all about friendship, even when we are completely frustrated at our best friends or insanely jealous of them. They stayed together through it all, and that is what true friendship is all about.
The final movie was, in a word, amazing. Being able to see everything in the books happen on the big screen is awesome. I could go on and on about every specific part I loved, but that could take ages! And OK... I might have cried a little. Or a lot. I am so attached to those characters that I just couldn't help it. I am sad that it is all over, but happy that we now have it all forever and that so many people love Harry Potter just like I do. It is not an ending, but a beginning.
Thanks, JK Rowling, for writing such an amazing, incredible story and for sharing it, and your beloved characters, with us all.
Truly Yours,

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