Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Talk Twilight

Who has seen Breaking Dawn (Part 1) in the last couple of weeks? I have to admit, I have. I didn't go at midnight. I actually waited about a week I think before I went. And don't get me wrong, it's not because I wasn't excited. Because I was. But I think I have a right to be excited. I read Twilight when I was fifteen and it was the only book in the series. At that age, I thought Edward was wonderful. Now I'm a little older, I have the ability to acknowledge that maybe the Twilight books aren't as amazing as I thought and I am able to make fun of them while still liking them. I also don't usually admit I like them, just because I fear of being put into that "Oh, she likes Twilight" (in a snide voice) category. But I do like Twilight; I'm still a little attached to that teenage part of me that loved those books. And I still sort of fan-girl about Twilight stuff. Forgive me.
On to Breaking Dawn the Movie.
Um, am I the only one who thought Bella was the nastiest pregnant mom ever?! I thought pregnancy was supposed to give you that special glow. I know that she was pregnant with a monster baby instead of a normal one, but still. She looked gosh-freaking-awful. I was embarrassed for her.
Can I just say I am so glad that during the wolf scene (yes, that one) at least their mouths didn't move? Cause that would have taken the lameness up like a million levels. I wanted to *facepalm* at this part in the movie, but I admit they did a pretty OK job with a scene that was probably difficult to make.
I do want to point out how gorgeous the wedding was. It was lovely and Bella's dress was insane. The beginning of the movie was well done, I think, and really did the book justice. But Kristen Stewart, did you really have to look like they were torturing you the entire time??
I also remember how much I love Alice every time I watch these movies. She's my fave, hands down. I love her stubbornness, her lively spirit, and the fact that she's just freaking adorable and at the same time could rip someone to shreds.
Also, Jessica's comments at the wedding were freaking hilarious. In the book, she's horrid and I just want to tear her face off, but in the movies, she's pretty darn funny.
Overall, I think they did a great job keeping true to the book. Almost everything I didn't like about the movie is the same as what I didn't like about the book, so I blame Stephenie Meyer and not the movies. I enjoyed most of the movie, minus the part where Bella drinks blood from a random styrofoam cup. Ew.
I am looking forward to Part 2. I liked the last half of the book better, where Bella isn't a pregnant zombie, and where most of the action (what little action there is) happens. I am excited to see all the new characters that get introduced when the vampires from around the world gather at the Cullens. The new characters are my favorite part of the book. I hope Part 2 is what I imagine it will be!
Twi-fanningly Yours,

P.S. The trailer for The Hunger Games was my favorite part of this whole experience. So excited for that movie!!!

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