Friday, October 14, 2011

Bunch of Random-As-Can-Be Thoughts

Yeah, you need to know how random I am. Ha ha. So here are some pretty random things I am thinking about right now.
1-- Zumba rocks. It also kicks my butt. Hard. Wow am I sore today!
2-- I love love LOVE Jamba Juice oatmeal. I can't describe to you the deliciousness. Also, it's good for you.
3-- Listening to Pandora makes my morning even more awesome than normal. Kate Voegele, Taylor Swift, and Christina Perri for example.
4-- The series ending to Life Unexpected still boggles my mind. WTH! (what-the-heck, in case you were wondering)
5-- Fridays just pretty much rock, even though I have to wake up early for school, I still appreciate that the weekend has almost arrived.
6-- Almost finished with the first book of The Secret Circle and loving it! Lots of references from the 90's that make me smile.
7-- I am dismally behind on all of my TV shows, but next week is Fall Break, so I know what I will be doing!
8-- I feel like there should definitely be a number eight on this list, I'm just not so sure what it should be. Hmm.
9-- Today is perfect fall weather and I just love the blue color of the sky with the sun shining in my eyes.
Yep, those are my thoughts this morning.
Scatteredly yours,
P.S. I just invented that word. :)


Jillian said...

Oh Caitlin how I love you. :)
And I LOVE Jamba Juice oatmeal! It is delicious! And I didn't know that L.J. Smith wrote The Secret Circle?! Weird...I'm still not sure if I want to get sucked into that show. :) ANYwho--I love your blog. :D

Caitlin Skye said...

Oh Jill. lol You need to watch it... I love it. :) I mean, like we need more shows to watch, right!?