Thursday, October 18, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yesterday I went in to see my school advisor to talk about registering for spring semester (which starts  at the end of the month! Holy cow!). She wrote down a list of the classes I should try to take next semester, and I'm just sitting there trying to work up the courage to ask how many more classes I have left. Scary thought. So I ask and she is looking at my info and then says, "Oh, you have about 19 classes left."

For a moment my mind went blank, and then I swear I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. 19 classes left, including the ones she wants me to take in the spring. What?! That's like, three semesters if I push myself! And okay, that might seem like a long time, but for me? I was happy. I was getting scared I would be stuck in school the rest of my life! So right now, I'm pretty optimistic and all, Yeah, let's do this!

Next week when I try to schedule my classes, I will probably want to punch something, but until then, I'm in a great mood about school! Especially since this semester has been so good so far. I am not feeling the doubt I did last semester that I chose the wrong major or that I would fail. Right now, I am way driven to put everything I have into school. I sure hope that feeling doesn't fade when I stress out about registering for classes (cause really, that's always a nightmare).

Also, this is me today, probably thanks to the large mug of coffee I had this morning.  Love me some coffee.


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