Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crazy Connection

So, I'm just chillin' in my comfy bed watching Hocus Pocus, the classic Halloween movie I have been watching since I was a kid. I caught the movie just as it's starting, where it's back in the past and the boy, Thackery Binx (by the way, weirdest name ever), tries to save his sister and then the crazy witches turn him into a cat. And just then, I think to myself, No way! Is that? Is that McGee??
McGee as in NCIS McGee? You guys! It is! McGee from NCIS was in Hocus Pocus! Of course, I checked my facts and consulted I still feel kinda like twilight-zoned over here, because what a crazy connection, right?

1 comment:

Micaela~ said...

I... Had this exact same reaction LOL "HOLY SHIZZ IS THAT MCGEE?? -checks IMDB- AMG IT IS HIM!!!" xDD