Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wicked the Musical!!

Oh my heck, I cannot even keep up with my life! And honestly, I have not been all that busy. I obviously just have terrible time-management skills when it comes to my personal life. Fail.

Anyhow! Back in April (or March? No, I think it was April. I think.), Brad bought us tickets to see Wicked at The Capitol Theatre for our anniversary/my birthday. I was so thrilled and excited, because first of all, Wicked is one of my favorite musicals ever, and second, what a sweet husband I have!

This would be the third time I have seen Wicked, and each time has been extremely memorable and amazing. The first time, I saw it with some of my best high school friends at The Pantages Theater in California on our junior year choir trip. The second time, Brad and I were on our honeymoon in New York and got to see it on Broadway; seriously, amazing.

Somehow, my Uncle Jeremy got tickets for him and my Aunt Kris the very same night Brad did! So last Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Salt Lake to meet up with Jeremy and Kris for an awesome, Wicked night. We went out to dinner at a chic little place called Trio and it was delicious. I had their cheese ravioli with butternut squash sauce... oh my, it was divine.

Then we headed out to the theater (after dessert and coffee, of course). I have never been to the Capitol Theatre before, at least that I can remember (apparently, I had been there when I was really little), and it was so neat and classic inside. I love the old theater look, with the gold fixtures and plush carpets. I couldn't wait for the show to start!

Even seeing it for the third time, Wicked still took my breath away. The set was spot on and just so amazing and the costumes had that perfectly wacky Oz look. One of the most magical things is the music, of course. I practically have the entire thing memorized, but hearing it performed live is just wonderful.

And the story is beautiful. I love everything about it. If you haven't seen or heard about Wicked, it's about friendship, most of all, as well as standing up for what's right, finding beauty in the most unassuming places, and it is also a bit of a love story. The friendship between Glinda and Elphaba is just inspiring.

I loved every minute of it! I didn't take pictures myself, but here are some just to show what the musical is about. Hope you enjoy!


Jillian said...

I love Wicked too!!! :) So jealous, but glad you had a great time! :)

Wicked said...

Wicked is such a great musical. I’m glad you got to see it As they sing in The Producers, “there’s nothing like a show on Broadway.”