Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, Hey

So August is nearing a close, only about a week left. August is a weird month.. I always feel like it's just a transition month leading me from summer to fall. Which means school. Ha ha. I think I am excited that school starts on Monday. Honestly, not sure. This semester hopefully will be ten times better than last.

I am just going to go into it with the best attitude possible and prepare myself to work my butt off. I am going to try working better with my schedule, as I've already said that time management is my issue. I downloaded a neat scheduling app on my iPad, so I'm going to stick to that as much as I can to keep myself on top of things.

The good thing about this semester is I already think I will enjoy my classes. Most of them are in the internet technology category, which is my fave. I do have a digital audio essentials class that could be yucky, but until I actually get into it I will try not to judge. Otherwise, I am getting more excited as school gets closer!

Also, unrelated to school, my friend Nikki got a new job so I wont be working with her anymore. Sadness! We have been such good coworkers and friends that it will be very hard to see her go! Luckily, her finding a new job doesn't mean our friendship will end. I don't think it's possible for another coworker to be as awesome as Nikki!


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Jillian said...

Perfect words to start off a new semester. :) We need to hang out soon!