Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Hey y'all! So last Friday (the 22nd) happened to be a very important day for me and my husband Brad. One year ago was our wedding day! And we also got married on my birthday, so Friday was a doubly wonderful day! I turned 22, making it my "Golden Birthday" as my friend Nikki calls it. And golden it was.

Brad and I got to sleep in (love!) and then we went out to lunch at The Olive Garden, which is one of our favorites. Afterwards I had to go in to work, but my coworkers had decorated my desk super cute with balloons and signs. They gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble (hooray!) and a gift card to Beany's, the local coffee hut that I kind of adore. A lot.

Then for the weekend, Brad and I got to go with his BFF Colton to his property in Fairview for a four-wheeling adventure. We had a blast. And I got so sunburned. Never again am I going to forget sunscreen. Ever. But the weekend was definitely fun.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since Brad and I got married. I mean, on one hand it feels like it's been forever, while on the other it feels like just yesterday! Time is a weird, weird thing that I just don't understand. However, in this last year, I have learned so much about Brad, our relationship, and myself. Marrying Brad was the best decision I ever made and I just have to say how grateful I am for him. He makes my life a million times brighter, more colorful, and more vibrant. I love him.


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