Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sad Truth

One of the benefits of working for a bank: I get paid holidays. So this weekend was a three day weekend for me and yesterday I got a lovely break off from school and work. And let me tell you, I had big plans for this weekend. In my mind, I had so much time to get some much-needed-stuff done. I was going to catch up on laundry, clean, hang up pictures, and get some major homework done.

Guess what I actually did? Ha, nothing. Yep. I think I did one programming assignment and a sad ten pages of reading for web design. The laundry? Still in the hamper. Cleaning? Well, at least I got the laundry in the hamper!

Oh, and then we did lots more that was just plain fun. We had a game night with my work pal, Nikki and her hubby Alex. Tons of fun. We played poker (I can never actually bet money cause seriously, I suck!) and The Settlers of Catan. It was a blast.

On Sunday Brad and I went to the mall and splurged on some new clothes. Brad seriously needed some new shirts and nice jeans, so I am a much happier wife and he looks awesome in his new clothes. I got some new jeans too, seeing as how Brad said he was tired of my baggy jeans making my butt look like... well, not flattering. Ha ha. (I have lost seven pounds!! Hence the baggy jeans.)

After the mall, we headed to my mom's and had a game night there with Mom and Glenn. Pizza, popcorn, and donuts, too. I was in a junk food coma! That also was such a blast and much, much needed. Can't wait to do it again!

And yesterday, the day I was really planning on getting stuff done? Hmmm, I woke up and made us waffles. Yum. We played some more games. Then I was really going to study and ended up taking a nap with Brad. I couldn't help it. I was really trying to read my textbook, but he was laying there looking so much happier asleep, so I decided I should sleep, too. And it was great.

Then Brad suggested we go see a movie. And since that never (never, ever) happens, I immediately looked up movie times and bought us some tickets. We saw 'This Means War' and I laughed so dang hard. And Brad laughed pretty hard, too. Great movie.

So while my weekend was definitely not productive at all, it sure was fun and kinda awesome. It's even more awesome that the week is now only four days long. And I don't work on Saturday (which is especially awesome because I have worked the last four in a row!). Hooray for a short work/school week.


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Jillian said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!