Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Books: January Edition

I am actually on time with something! Cause for celebration. This month I read 2 1/2 books. Yep, two and a half. I haven't quite finished the third one I started, but I am going to review it anyways because I am still counting it.The first book I read was City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. To be honest, I started this book months ago, got about thirty pages in, and lost interest completely. I read the first two books in The Mortal Instruments series because everyone kept recommending them with high praise. I read them and thought, "Well, they are OK I guess". So that explains my limited interest in City of Glass.

But at the beginning of January, I decided I wanted to finish the series mainly because I wanted to read The Infernal Devices series. I would feel like a slacker if I didn't finish The Mortal Instruments first. So I picked City of Glass back up and started over.

It turns out, City of Glass was my favorite in the series so far! I read it pretty quickly, enjoyed it much more than I had thought I would, and was glad I read it. I wont give the plot away, seeing as how it's the third in a series, so I will just say that I really enjoyed it. I didn't find Clary as annoying as I did in the first two books, which was nice. I actually grew to like Jace, who I had decided was arrogant and obnoxious. The plot kept me reading to find out what happened next and wasn't very predictable. I would give this one three and a half out of five stars. Definitely my favorite of the entire series.That said, the next book I read was City of Fallen Angels. And sadly, I think the series should have ended with City of Glass. I'm not saying that City of Fallen Angels was bad, because it wasn't. I didn't have to suffer through it and I even liked it. But I would have been happier if City of Glass was the end. I feel like City of Glass wrapped everything up quite nicely, then City of Fallen Angels just undoes everything.

I sort of had the feeling that the author is just writing more of the series simply because she can. And I find that annoying. Even so, I will probably read the next two books in this series when they come out and who knows, maybe I will change my mind. I give this one two and a half stars out of five. I did like it, but it wasn't amazing like other books I have read.The third book that I started is Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Let me *fangirl* for just a minute. I love (multply that by a million) Robin McKinley. Anything she writes turns out amazing. And I mean amazing. I have read quite a few of her books and never been disappointed. So when I found out she had written a book about vampires, I had to read it. It was calling my name.

I read a lot of paranormal/romance-esque things. And I read a lot of vampire/werewolf/witch based books. I just find it all very interesting. But I am super picky about it, too. If it isn't done well, it's cheesy. Sunshine is the exact opposite of cheesy. I am almost exactly halfway through it right now and I am loving it.

Sunshine is about a girl nicknamed Sunshine (her real name is Rae) who works as the baker at her family's coffeehouse. She is not sweet or cute, she is in fact rather harsh and unique. She has a fascination with the Others (vampires, were-things, etc.) and yet treasures her normal life. One night, she drives out to her family's abandoned cabin by the lake. No one has really gone there since the Voodoo Wars fought between humans and the Others. She is kidnapped by a gang of vampires and taken to an old mansion on the shore of the lake.

I really want to say more, but if I do I will ruin all the mystery of the book. I do have to say, I like that Robin McKinley doesn't make her vampires unrealistic. The vampires in this book are gross and described as "wrong". They are not gorgeous creatures and they are not appealing (and they don't sparkle, he he). Because of this, the book seems more real. It's a dark, intricate story that I have not been able to put down. I give it four and a half out of five stars. I would really recommend it if you enjoy the paranormal genre.


P.S. Sorry for giving everything half stars. I don't know why I was in that mood today...


Anonymous said...

Look at you writing regularly! Way to go!

xoxo Aunt K

Caitlin Skye said...

Thanks! I'm sure trying. :)