Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring is Pretty Much Here!

Today was a pretty great day, basically. The sun was out and it was actually warm! I got an awesome care package from my Nana and her church. They send packages to students and soldiers, I guess. So this was an amazing surprise.
Look at all these wonderful snack and treats! I am spoiled.
One of my favorites...
And Redvines is the best licorice ever!
I went outside and did my math homework in the sun. It was great.
And my Nana got me these adorable flip flips!
Then, this afternoon Kristi and I had our rock climbing class. We got to go up the canyon since it was such a gorgeous day. This is our teacher setting up the line.

Kristi's 'I'm-so-excited-to-climb' face!
She had a battle with that rock wall!
But she won. This is her 'muscle shot'.
This is me, all ready to start climbing!
And here is my 'muscle shot'. Ha ha
And this is Elise, a girl in our class. She's pretty much hilarious. Today, she was singing 'Party in the U.S.A' by Miley Cyrus non-stop.
So, that was my pretty great day! I hope spring is here to stay, because I sure do love it!

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Jillian said...

Love it! :) And thanks again for sharing your treats...yum! :)