Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are You For REAL Right Now???

Alright, people. Tonight was the 100th episode of Bones. That's right. It was huge, monumental, even. This was a very big deal. My friends Jill and Megan and I get together on Thursday nights, @ 7:00 in the PM, to watch this show, which is definitely one of our favorites. It usually trumps Vampire Diaries, which is also a big deal. So tonight, we got our 0.89 cent fountain drinks and gathered in the lounge for this very important event.
For those of you who don't watch Bones, these lovely people right here are Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI and Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan (aka Bones). To summarize five amazing seasons, they work together to solve murders. They are the best team out there.
Aren't they cute together? Yes, yes, they are.
So, basically, this show rocks. But there is one thing missing... Can you guess what it is by this picture?
Can you see that sexual tension!? They want each other. But more than that, they love each other. They really do! And we all know it. And so, after five seasons, we have been waiting for something like this... (especially after the season 4 finale (which was cruel, btw))...
And tonight was supposed to be the night. Not just the night, but THE night, that it was supposed to happen. Tonight was the background story of how Booth and Bones met, how they solved their first murder, how they became Booth & Bones!
Now, if you haven't seen the episode yet and you are planning on it... Don't read further. *Spoiler Alert*
Our anticipation was high... Oh, so high. We were ready for the moment. Towards the end of the episode, after relaying to Sweets their first real crime-solving experience (and poor Sweets, his world was turned upside down), Booth and Bones walk out of the building and suddenly, Booth can't take it anymore! In short, he tells Bones that he IS a gambler and he wants to try and see if they can work together (and not in a career-co-worker sort of way). And finally, he pulls her in for that kiss we have all been holding our breath for...
We all squealed appropriately...
But of course, Bones being Bones, she pulls away, shortening the perfect moment! And in near tears, tell Booth that she is a scientist and can't change.... Basically, she doesn't think she can love him and be that person!
We are all furious by this point...
And Booth tries to fight it, tries to change her mind. But another thing about Bones: she is stubborn. Very, very stubborn. So finally, Booth says then he will have to move on... and find someone else who he can love and who will love him, as he wipes a tear away.
And now we (or at least I was), are, to say the least, ticked! How could they do this to us!? After five seasons of building up to their confessions of love?? After this last season of anticipation for the supposed-inevitable moment? This is betrayal.
That is where the episode ended. Yes, it actually ended. Right there.
I think we were all shocked, and yet, in a way, we are resilient. We are trying to be confident that if Booth does indeed start dating someone new, Bones will realize that she just can't live without him and come to her senses. We hope... But as for now, our expectations still have not been met.
How much longer are we going to have to wait!?


Jillian said...

I freaking love this post. And a firm amen to everything you said. :)

Karli Sue said...

yes yes yes!! I was sooooo mad afte that episode!!! i'm still mad!!! I can't believe that they did this to us!! it just isn't fair to wait so long for them to be together and then it didn't work!! gah