Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Ah, Halloween. Who doesn't love the candy, scary movies, cute little dressed-up children, and yummy treats that go with this holiday? I know I do. So, Halloween night Brad and I are heading back to his house to watch scary movies and chill out. We walk up to the front door, but instead of opening the door, Brad gives me a sneaky little smile and says, "Ring the doorbell". Well, I smile too, because I think we're going to trick his sister, Amber, or something. So I go along with it and ring the doorbell. Sure enough, she comes to the door holding the big bowl of candy and just smiles at us and looks at me expectantly. I'm a little confused at this point, because Brad didn't scare her like I thought he was going to. Still puzzled, I look down at the bowl of candy and become even more confused. Sitting on top of the pile of candy was a rectangular piece of white-ish paper with writing on it: a ticket. I picked it up, knowing that Brad and Amber were watching me very closely. I vaguely remember reading the name David Archuleta, followed by some other not-quite-as-important stuff like 'November 24th', 'Abravanel Hall', and 'Christmas From the Heart Concert'. I remember letting out a girlish scream and jumping around a bit and smiling like an idiot. I got a treat this Halloween. What did you get?


Natalee said...

Wowsers! I didn't find anything like that in my candy bowl!

Anonymous said...

I love you!!! Lol I was so hoping and praying that they would get there in time to make you trick or treat!! They got there that day! YAY!I'm so excited to go!