Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Costume Shop

For my Understanding Theatre class (aka Most Useless Class Ever besides Humanities), we have to complete a certain number of shop hours, either in the set shop, costume shop, etc., in the theater department. I figured I'd have more luck in the costume shop than anywhere and turned out I was right, even though I have pricked my fingers about a kazillion times with a needle so far.
Yesterday while I was there, we were given a bunch of crafts, chopsticks, and a hot glue gun and told to make Japanese head-dresses. Sort of like this.

And so, these are what I came up with.

It was actually really fun, and I managed to keep the hot glue off of my fingers. Maybe I have a career in costume design? Ha ha ha.


Natalee said...

HOT job Cai Cai! HA HA HA I kill myself!

Karli Sue said...

oooh!! good job! thos look awesome! I want one!