Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There's a First for Everything

So, last Saturday I went with my awesome boyfriend and some of his family to get the you-know-what scared outta me. Yeah. That's right; we went to a couple haunted houses. First stop: Nightmare Mansion.This creepy guy walks around outside, basically just giving me the chills and making me want to run. He's just... Well, you get the picture. He's gross and scary. Ew.

This is me, Brad's sis Amber, and his Aunt Holly and Uncle Phil, wearing our 3-D glasses for the first part of the haunted house.
This girl (above) looks like me screaming because I do not like these (below). Clowns are NOT o.k.
I think the only reason I even survived this place (and did not end up curled in a ball on the floor sobbing) was that Brad held me the entire time and did not let go. Once we reached the end, we hung around for a few minutes, waiting for the rest of our group. Some nasty guy with a chainsaw was hanging out there, too. The last few people emerged and one of Brad's cousins saw chainsaw-nasty-guy and immediately dove between her boyfriend's legs, doing figure eights around them in order to keep the chainsaw-nasty-guy away. We all started to leave but unfortunately, chainsaw-nasty-guy followed us. Well, Brad's cousin had had it. She took off running into the parking lot, with chainsaw-nasty-guy following with his chainsaw roaring. I was freaked out, but could not help but laugh at the sight.

Our next destination was The Haunted Forest, in American Fork.

To put it simply, I feel like Nightmare Mansion was just the preview and the Haunted Forest was the full-blown-scare-me-to-tears horror movie. At one point, I seriously did almost cry. The tears were in my eyes. But then we encountered a possessed pig hanging upside down from the ceiling and all I could think about was screaming and getting OUT of there.

There was one part, however, where I did manage to laugh. Have you seen The Ring?
Well, there is a little girl who looks like this.
And she crawls out of a well that looks like this. Basically, once you watch her movie, your phone rings and someone says you will die in seven days. The Haunted Forest had their very own version of this little terror. Scary, no? No. This is the part I laughed because once I saw this, and the horrid girl walked right up to my face and whispered (probably in her scariest voice), "Seven days", all I could think of was a Vampire Diaries post on a blog my friend introduced me to: busybeelauren.blogspot.com. She does a review of every episode of The Vampire Diaries (one of my fave TV shows) and one of them went something like this:

Stefan prank calls Damon... Stefan says, "Seven daaaays"!

And Damon goes, "Oh shiiiiz"!
See the humor? Yeah. So I survived my very first experience with haunted houses. But no way would I ever go again unless I have Brad there with me, to protect me from all those creepy, gross, scary people!

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Jillian said...

I loved this post! Great story, and great pictures! :)