Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sister Bonding

Last week I had to go home during the middle of the week and so I decided it would be fun to bring my sister back up to school with me for the one day I needed to be back for classes. She agreed, even turning down a date for me! So early Thursday morning, we set off towards Logan.

Here is Kira, texting and being our pro-iPod-music DJ at the same time.
We stopped at Maverick on the way, to pick up hot chocolate and donuts. We got to my dorm with just enough time for Kira to get settled in a bit and for us to catch the shuttle to my World Archeology class. I gave Kira a notebook during class so she could take notes, just like a real college student. She got bored and wanted to fall asleep though! Sadly, almost everyone was gone already for Fall Break, but we spent the night having fun together. We went to Lee's and I showed her how very talented at bargain hunting I have become, then we made cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for dinner (yum!), and ended the night with Bones and The Office. All in all, I think Kira and I had a pretty good time sister-bonding.