Thursday, June 30, 2011

When All is Said and Done...

Holy wow, I am back home after the most awesome week of my entire life! And whoa, does it feel good. I can't believe how much I missed Utah and my little one-bedroom apartment!
And guess what! I'm married!! I am still a little in shock that it is all over. Let me just say, the wedding was gorgeous. More than I ever could have hoped for. I just hope that everyone who made it happen knows howblown away I was by all the hard work and I am officially eternally grateful. And big thanks to Mother Nature for holding back on the rain and giving us a beautiful, sunny day! The whole day is slightly blurry (since it just went so fast and I was SO happy!), but I distinctly remember walking down to the ceremony with my mommy and we kept saying to each other, "Don't you dare cry"! But the instant I walked down the aisle on my dad's arm and saw Brad fighting tears... Wow. What a moment. Of course, then my eyes flooded over and we are both crying tears of joy. It was amazing.
The reception was so fun! I got to see all our family and friends and that rocked. We cut cake and I got icing on Brad's cheek. :) hee hee And we got to dance to our song. I loved every minute of it. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!! I can't wait to post all of the pictures. There are a ton: engagements, bridals (groomals), and the actual wedding day. That will be a blast.
I'll do a honeymoon post later, cause NYC was the bomb. But for now, I'll just say that it was amazing and so much fun! But I am now exhausted from it all (in a good way).
Tiredly and happily yours,

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Jillian said...

Yay you are married! You were beautiful and it was a wonderful day. And I'm glad you had so much fun on your honeymoon! Love you!