Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Story

Ok... So it has been more than a few days. My bad... But now that I am done with school for a couple weeks, I have the time to post the story of how Brad proposed to me. It's not a very long story, but I still want to tell it.
So, on Thanksgiving day, we spent the morning at my mom's, the afternoon at his family's, and for the evening we went to my dad's side of the family's Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents. It was just a normal Thanksgiving day... Lots of yummy food and playing games with the family and just relaxing and having fun.
We had brought Brad's favorite pie to take to my grandparents, but when we got there, he insisted we leave it in the truck. I thought, well, whatever, so we did and went inside and pretty soon I forgot about it. Then, a while later, everyone started clamoring for pie, so Brad suggested we go get the pie in the truck. Still, I did not think anything of it.
We put our coats on and walked outside, only instead of heading in the direction of the truck, Brad pulled me towards the backyard, saying he wanted me to show him. Even though he's seen it before. STILL, I did not think anything weird was going on. I took him out to the backyard and he stood behind me with his arms wrapped around me and we looked out at the snow covered trees lit up by some pretty bright stars. It was really a gorgeous night, so we just stood there for a minute.
Then, he asks me how much I love him. Still not out of the usual. So I tell him, more than anything, of course. That's when he turns me around, kneels down with something extremely glittery in his hand, and says," Then will you marry me?"
I think I was in shock for a minute, cause I'm pretty sure that all that came out of my mouth was oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Then I said yes of course and he put that beautiful ring on my finger.
And one of the best parts? On the drive back to his house, he tells me that it was not planned at all, he simply woke up that morning and figured that would be a good day to do it. :) I love the simplicity of his plan, because it honestly made everything perfect.

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