Monday, October 11, 2010

Good News and A Bit of Randomness

I will start out with the good news, which is, I finally found a new job! I cannot even describe how happy I am to be starting something new, especially when it just seems so perfect. I got a job working as a teller at Central Bank in Pleasant Grove. A few of the best things about this job? I have a nice, set schedule (so I will no longer go crazy not knowing when I am supposed to be working!), with people that seem super awesome, and be getting paid a dollar more than I was getting, just to start out! It works with my school schedule and is in a great location for me, which, I'll be honest, works because it is between school and Brad's house (I am never at my own house >.< ha ha). So that is my good news!
And a bit of randomness. Ok, so I have been dating Brad for almost exactly a year and four months now, and I am still not over how stinkin' difficult it is to get him to take pictures with me and/or let me take pictures of him. I know, I post plenty on my blog, but have you noticed how they are always the same ones? I finally got a new one up, but that is the exception to the rule. So, I decided to post some pictures of me trying to get him on film. Oh, he would probably kill me for this. ;)See how he's not looking at the camera?? I love the way he smiles. :) This one is actually pretty darn good. This is what I usually get!!

Gotta love that I-am-avoiding-that-dang-camera-using-my-sunglasses expression on his face... *sigh*

Ok, this one is just cute. :) But still!

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Wendyh said...

Sorry, he is totally my son and i hate them too. :)